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The synopsis

The 2008 study from The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, Successful treatment of erythematotelangiectatic rosacea with pulsed light and radiofrequency[1], focused on establishing the safety and quality of results available to rosacea sufferers who underwent elōs-based, IPL and RF laser therapy. After treating a sample group of 21 patients with moderate to severe rosacea, the researchers recorded “improvement that was statistically significant” without any “significant adverse effects.” Their work proves the viability of fotofacial IPL skin rejuvenation and its ability to offer rosacea sufferers a method of skin improvement treatment. With the exceptional results made possible through fotoFacial IPL, you can free yourself of rosacea and rediscover the joy that comes with beautiful, evenly toned and textured skin.

How to remove the redness and uneven skin textures related to rosacea

  • Rosacea treatment is a nonsurgical method of treating the visible signs of rosacea with therapeutic intense pulsed light technology.

Edelstein Cosmetic's expert medical aesthetician is ready to help you achieve the results you want

Petra Hughes, Edelstein Cosmetic’s head medical aesthetician, is skilled in numerous cosmetic treatments, including procedures involving facial tightening and rejuvenation. Petra is one of Canada’s leading aestheticians and, throughout more than a decade of work in the field, she has furthered her knowledge of medical theory and practical application by engaging in multimedia interviews, conducting seminars and working for some of the country’s top plastic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists.

Petra’s specialty is caring for patients affected by persistent skin problems like rosacea. Her passion for improving the lives of her clients and skill in identifying their exact needs allows her to create treatment plans that provide outstanding results. You can be confident knowing that you’ll be in good hands when you seek rosacea treatment at Edelstein Cosmetic.

Rosacea Treatment At A Glance

  • Control Redness Facial
  • Soothe Spots Inflamed
  • Strengthen Skin Your
  • Boost Levels Collagen
  • Get Skin Healthier

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that affects millions of people around the world. If you have any of these things, you may have rosacea:

  • persistent redness on your face, particularly on your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin
  • visible blood vessels on your face (spider veins)
  • pimples
  • rough skin texture
  • red, watery eyes that exist even when not suffering from allergies

The cause of rosacea is unknown but there are factors that can trigger flareups. These include spicy food, alcohol, hot and cold temperatures, stress and the wind. While it cannot be cured, the visible signs of rosacea can be controlled with the right medical treatment.

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How does photofacial IPL work to fight rosacea?

Fotofacial IPL skin rejuvenation, or photofacial rejuvenation, takes advantage of the most advanced laser technology currently available, using groundbreaking elōs technology to combine bipolar radio frequency (RF) and intense pulsed light (IPL) energy together in a synergetic form of skin treatment. The fotofacial procedure involves your medical aesthetician targeting areas affected by rosacea with concentrated energy in order to remove damaged tissue responsible for creating discolouration and stimulate the natural processes that lead to healthy, uniformly toned and textured skin.

You don’t have to worry about pain, safety or a long recovery with fotoFacial; the intense concentration of energy and precise targeting made available through elōs treats only the area affected by rosacea, without causing unnecessary harm to the surrounding skin. This helps to minimize procedural discomfort while allowing for faster recovery than with other technologies. fotofacial IPL works to treat your rosacea quickly, easily and without causing you unnecessary discomfort.

If you struggle with rosacea and are looking for a solution, then fotofacial IPL skin rejuvenation may be the answer.

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Are you a candidate?

Rosacea treatment with fotofacial technology is designed for men and women who want to address the redness and uneven textures related to their skin condition.

Side effects and risks

Photosensitivity, bruising and swelling may occur following your treatment. As you recover from treatment, scabbing may also occur. This means that your treatment worked. To minimize the risk of infection as you recover, please follow the post-treatment care instructions provided to you.


You’ll talk to our master medical aesthetician first to discuss your concerns. She’ll analyze your skin condition and review your medical history to determine what treatment is right for you.


You’ll be given a complete list of instructions that you should follow to prepare for your treatment. These guidelines include the following:

  • Avoid tanning or excess sun exposure at least two weeks before a session.
  • Avoid taking medications and supplements that increase your risk of bleeding, such as Aspirin and ibuprofen.
  • Don’t use any exfoliants or acids 24 hours before your session.

Your treatment

A numbing cream may be applied before your treatment to improve your comfort. The targeted area will be exposed to a handheld applicator that emits RF and IPL energies. You may feel a snap against your skin with each emission.

Following your treatment

Your skin will be hypersensitive and red after your session, much like how a sunburn would feel. You may also experience some swelling. You’ll need to avoid sun exposure as your skin heals. Avoid using any exfoliants and hot baths for at least 24 hours after your session and don’t rub your skin, even while bathing.

Your skin will probably look worse before it gets better. For example, your skin may be redder and your veins more prominent. However, this will subside within a week or so. You may also see blisters appear. Treat these with the recommended antibiotic ointment and cleanser to reduce the risk of infection.

Your results

You won’t see your results immediately after a session because the treatment is designed to kickstart your body’s natural healing process to repair your rosacea-affected skin. This can take a few weeks, during which you’ll notice a gradual improvement of your complexion.


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