Medical Treatment Beautiful, Proportionate Results for Women of Asian Descent

The synopsis

Not all Asian women are petite, but many are, and because of this, they tend to have smaller breasts than women of other ethnicities. In 2013, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons found that there were 988,102 cosmetic procedures performed on Asians[1]. The second most popular procedure recorded was breast augmentation.

What makes Asian breast augmentation different

  • Emphasis placed on proportionate results. Special consideration of incision placement to achieve minimal scarring. While many Asian women wish to change the size and/or shape of their breasts, most do not want a drastic enhancement. We seek to provide the most natural look and feel possible for small Asian breasts by helping you select an breast implant size and type that will give you the improvement you desire. We will also customize surgical techniques to minimize scarring, a concern that you most likely have.

Picking the right implant size

Our plastic surgeons use a technique known as dimensional breast augmentation in order to help their patients choose the best breast implant size or style. Every woman has a different body type and goal, meaning that the same implant won’t be satisfactory for all patients. Dimensional breast augmentation solves this problem by using a formula that calculates pre-surgery body measurements and expectations. This helps your surgeon find the most appropriate breast implant size and style to achieve the most natural-looking results.

To ensure that the formula works—and to help you visualize the prospective change—you will be given different sizes of breast implants to try on and assess. If you try on a certain size that looks or feels unnatural to you, you can always change it. This ensures that your post-operative results will be as close to your intended results as possible.

Incision placement and scarring considerations

Most Asian women tend to leave behind greater and more noticeable scarring as part of the healing process. These scars are often darker or abnormally large (hypertrophic).

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Another complication comes with petite patients who naturally have smaller body dimensions, with smaller nipples and less defined infra-mammary folds. These factors can make breast augmentation more challenging to a surgeon who hasn’t had much experience treating such patients. Asian breast patients constitute a significant percentage of the overall number of breast augmentations that our surgeons perform. Our patients, some of whom were referred by the family and friends of previous patients, select our surgeons for their ability to understand their unique traits and preferences. Even though it may seem as if there are very few differences between Asian breast augmentation and any other augmentation mammoplasty procedure, we must approach all variables carefully to avoid causing unnecessary complications and negative results. Consideration for every individual’s unique needs makes for better results and greater satisfaction.

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